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Jacques Fiorella

Design and development of Mr. Jacques Fiorella's showcase website. Visual appeal, optimal performance, enhanced SEO.

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1 1. Analysis and Design

Needs Assessment and Strategic Planning: Conduct a comprehensive analysis of the client’s unique requirements, competitive landscape, and the overarching objectives of the website.
User Interface (UI) Design: Develop wireframes and interactive mockups to establish a user-friendly design schema, which will be validated with the client to ensure alignment with their vision.

2 000,00$1 500,00$
1 2. Custom WordPress Website Development

Setup and Configuration: Install WordPress, integrate a premium theme, and add essential plugins for the client’s needs. Theme Customization: Tailor color schemes, typography, and layout to mirror the client’s brand. Custom Feature Development: Create unique functionalities beyond standard plugins. Enhanced Functionalities: Add features like anti-spam forms, third-party email integration, multiple recipient support, and local message storage. Automated Site Maintenance: Set up automatic backups for data integrity. Enhanced Security Measures: Implement strong security protocols and a firewall to block cyber attacks and ransomware.

5 000,00$3 750,00$
1 3. Content Creation and SEO

Content Development: Craft compelling, SEO-enhanced content that accurately portrays the client’s profile, services offered, and company history.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Execute foundational SEO strategies, including meta tag optimization, sitemap creation, and image optimization to boost search engine visibility.

2 500,00$1 875,00$
1 4. Domain Registration - Web Hosting - Standard Maintenance

Annual Package: Secure and manage domain registration and web hosting services through IONOS with an annual fee of $100.
Ongoing Technical Standard Maintenance: Offer continuous technical support and website maintenance at an annual rate of $1800.

2 000,00$2 000,00$
0 5. Enhanced SEO and Visibility

Custom SEO Strategy: Manage and optimize a Google Ads account tailored to target specific audiences effectively, with a focus on maximizing budget efficiency and enhancing online visibility.
Price vary accordingly to client needs and objectives. If we assume an average CPC of $30 (a midpoint within the typical range for these industries), the monthly cost estimate for 50 clicks would be:

Monthly Cost=50 clicks×$30/click=$1,500
Management Fee = 20% * Monthly Cost = $300

1 800,00$0,00$
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Total 9 125,00$